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Unlocking AI
for every engineer

Butler is a platform that helps developers turn AI into easy to use APIs. Create, train, and deploy AI Models in minutes. No AI experience required.

Unlock AI for every engineer
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How it works

Butler puts ML in the hands
of every developer - instantly

Effortlessly label your documents

Use Butler’s easy-to-use user interface to build a comprehensive labeled data set. Forget about painful labeling exercises.

Automatic model selection

Butler automatically chooses and trains the correct ML model for your use case. No need to spend hours analyzing which models perform the best.

Customize for your use case

With a library of features to customize, Butler enables you to tune your model to your exact requirements. Stop spending time wrestling with rigid predefined models or building homegrown custom solutions.


Easily build
AI Models for a wide
variety of use cases.

Document Processing

Parse key data fields and tables from any unstructured document or image. Free your users from manual data entry with lightning fast document parsing APIs.

Entity Extraction

Extract information from free form text like names, places, terms and any other custom data. Make your product understand your users the same way you do.


Categorize documents, free form text and structured data into groups. Build smart decision making directly into your product.


Predict future outcomes based on past events. Help your users see into the future, they’ll love you for it.

Build your first AI model today!