Meet Eve, your new legal Copilot

Eve puts the power of AI at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrating with the way you work to supercharge how you do work.

Why Butler?

Supercharge your firm

Give legal professionals the power to crunch volumes of patents, office actions, and content related to the client. Embed the power of ChatGPT like technology in your normal workflows.

Deliver Business ROI

On average, save 90% of the time it would normally take to do legal workflows like office action responses, and

Customize for your firm

Eve can be taught, just like you can teach new attorney's and paralegals firm specific processes. This further improves

Base Skills

Butler's proprietary platform, customized & enhanced by dedicated ML engineers, can streamline many different tasks
Legal Chat
Content Search
Document Q&A

Support All Types of Use Cases

Ability to support all legal firms, irrespective of practice areas
Intellectual Property
Real Estate
Personal Injury

Supercharge your company in weeks not years

Use Eve to supercharge your day to day work, and always be on top of producing the highest quality work in the least possible time

How it works

Dedicated Onboarding

Butler will onboard you onto Eve. Custom training will be provided to highlight key use cases and workflows that make the most sense for your firm

Firm level customizations

Butler dedicates a team to enable your POC to ensure Eve can be further customized for your popular use cases

Firm level rollout

Butler helps enable a full firm level rollout and provides relevant materials to ensure its successful

Enterprise ready

SOC-2 Type II Certified

Certified to follow the best in class policies on data storage, encryption, and security

99.99% Uptime

Infinite Scale

Super charge your company with ChatGPT-like features today!