Humanity's Path Forward

Posted by:
Jay Madheswaran
August 16, 2021

Motivation / Why Now?

Humanity goes through occasional periods of rapid growth triggered by a technological revolution. During the late 1800s, the invention of the electric motor led to great innovations when put in the hands of engineers - leading to amplification to the human body. In the late 1900s, computers and software when put in the hands of engineers led to great amplification to human calculation. Now, we’re at the advent of AI - which will lead to great amplification of the human intellect.

Why don’t we have it yet?

With every great invention, there is a significant lag time between when a technology is invented and when it begins to be ubiquitous. With AI, we have great potential to build products that can understand, learn and make decisions like humans do. However today this is incredibly challenging for product engineers to do. First high quality training data needs to be collected, then research scientists and data scientists need to build features, tune, and deploy ML models before it can be productionized by ML engineers. This end to end iteration process can take months to years before the end user facing product is even available. 

What do we do?

Butler helps accelerate our path to making intelligent applications ubiquitous by enabling every product engineer to easily embed AI into their applications. Butler creates easy to use APIs that product engineers can easily use and deploy that enables the applications they’re building to become intelligent. The most significant challenge today to building intelligent applications today is to handle any types of data customers may throw at it. This forces applications to not just blindly extract information from the data based on rules, but to actually understand the data. This is exactly the problem we at Butler took on first. We define an easy to use API, where you can extract what you’re looking for out of messy documents, text, etc as easily as you would with a SQL query.

Why us?

Everyone at Butler comes from a strong Product Engineering and AI background. With having developed and deployed widely used applications at companies like Facebook, Google, and Rubrik. We’ve seen first hand how product engineers love to quickly deliver and iterate on customer facing products. While making and deploying AI solutions, we noticed that there is a large cost to iteration due to AI being inaccessible by the product teams directly. We are determined to solve that problem.

End Goal

We at Butler believe that every application people interact with every day should be intelligent. The best way to do that today is by putting the power of AI in the hands of product engineers who make the applications we interact with everyday. Creating an AI powered application should be as easy as launching an instance on AWS.