Kohost innovates on ID card processing with Butler

Posted by:
Jay Madheswaran
June 29, 2022

About Kohost

Kohost is digitizing the hospitality industry by giving customers a seamless hotel onboarding experience. Instead of waiting in the lobby to get your keys, what if you could skip the lines, and go directly to your room?


Kohost wanted to build a UX flow into their software where a user would be able to upload proof of identification, and use that proof to give them access to various parts of their product that needed that verification. To further complicate issues, Kohost can't control the quality of the pictures users upload. In addition, they also didn’t have a large dataset of labeled ID cards to train a custom AI model to aid in the extraction.

How did Butler Help

Using Butler’s pre-trained ID extraction models, they were able to set up highly accurate models for passports, DLs, and other ID cards. Using ID extraction models trained on Butler, Kohost was able to implement an entirely new hotel onboarding experience for their users in days rather than months. 


Finished implementation in a week instead of 3 months. Used existing Engineering team to train and maintain the model instead of hiring specific ML talent.


“Butler made it extremely easy to train and use an AI model for ID Card Extraction. This enabled us to build and launch our new ID verification feature in just a few days. Best of all, we were able to achieve all of this in house with the engineers we already have without needing to hire data scientists, and ML engineers.” – Mark Day

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