Posted by:
Jayanth (Jay) Madheswaran
August 16, 2021


Brilliant ML practitioners have been hard at work producing mature AI models. They have gotten good enough to be used in literally every part of an application we interact with. Despite this, most of the applications we interact with today continues to be painfully unintelligent.

Why don’t we have it yet?

Despite there being amazing off the shelf models, the issue with using them in applications is almost always they require some amount of customization to make it specific to your use case. This is the problem that most product engineering teams struggle with. Most people simply don't have the labelers, data scientists, and ML researchers and engineers at hand to customize models for their use case.

What do we do?

Butler is made for developers by developers to be able to customize and use state of the art ML models in their applications as easily as they would configure and use any other API. Butler automates the training, evaluation, and selection of ML models for your specific use case. While also providing tooling to help you still get value from every stage of your development lifecycle. From when you have no training data at all, to when you have millions of data points.

Why us?

Everyone at Butler came from MAANG companies with strong product and engineering backgrounds. All of us at Butler are entrepreneurs at heart. We think it's unfair that AI is blocked behind a lock require so much knowledge to get anything meaningful done. We want to enable people like us, developers, to be able to bake in AI into every single product and feature they're making.

End Goal

At the end of the day, we think every company of the future will an AI company. Developers are the KEY to making that happen. We're dedicated to empowering them to build the app of their dreams to delight their users!

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