Go beyond OCR with Document AI

Powerful document extraction APIs for developers

The easiest, most accurate document extraction

Butler combines cutting edge ML with optional human review to ensure 99%+ extraction accuracy on any document, customized for your exact use case.

Define Fields to Extract

Built for developers, by developers

Butler is a developer platform that enables you to extract key information from any type of document (or image) in your code using our APIs.


Human-level accuracy

Butler combines cutting edge ML with optional human review to ensure 99%+ accuracy on any documents. Accuracy continues to improve over time.


Fine-tuned Custom Models

Easily create document extraction models customized and tuned for your exact application’s requirements. Achieve better results than off-the-shelf models.


No manual data labeling or training

Let Butler Ops label your documents and train your model for you. Just verify the extracted results and focus on building the rest of your app!

Easy, fast deployment

Integrate with the API in 15 minutes or less.  Save months of engineering time required to build a custom solution or SDK.

Ship in hours, not months

Whether using Python, Node.js or anything else, with Butler's APIs you'll build document extraction into your next app in 15 minutes or less.

Upload documents to Butler's APIs and receive structured JSON results that are 99.5% accurate.

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