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Think of Butler as your dedicated ML engineering team, guiding you through every stage of large language model integration. We'll help you transform your products into AI-driven solutions that set your business apart from competitors.

Identifying High-Value AI Opportunities

You know your company should be leveraging large language models, but identifying high-impact use cases can be challenging.

Butler's expert consulting services empower you to uncover the most valuable opportunities, ensuring your AI investments have a maximum impact on your business.

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Building AI APIs from Start to Finish

Developing AI-driven features can be time-consuming, especially when hiring or training your team for the task.

Let our dedicated ML engineers manage the entire process of experimenting and getting LLMs into production. You'll benefit from faster development, seamless implementation, and a quicker time-to-market.

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Managing and monitoring models in production

Managing and monitoring LLMs in production can be resource-intensive and complex, taking valuable time and focus away from your core business.

With Butler's hosted API endpoints, managing LLMs in production becomes a breeze. Reduce cost and complexity while ensuring seamless integration and ongoing improvement for optimal performance.

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Example Use Cases

Solve high-value business problems for your users and deliver unprecedented levels of customer delight!

Butler Ops reviews documents as needed

Document Processing

Streamline extraction of information from diverse documents, including semi-structured forms like bank statements and insurance documents, as well as unstructured content like contracts and financial reports.


Question & Answer

Create personalized chat experiences built on your own proprietary data, delivering magical new user experiences.


Classification & Generation

Enhance your product offerings with AI-powered text categorization and content generation, delivering tailored and engaging experiences to your end users, while setting your product apart from the competition.

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