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Powerful document extraction APIs for developers. Extract just the information you need from PDFs, and images in seconds

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Why Butler?


Train AI models specific to your documents to achieve accuracy close to 100%

Ship Quickly

Focus on your core product, and build on your competitive advantage quickly. We handle giving you a robust document extraction platform

Create amazing UX

Use SDKs, and prebuilt UI components to enable real time document processing. So that you and your customers never have to deal with data entry again

Model Library

Use pre-trained AI models achieving state of the art accuracy results on common document types

Support All Types of Documents

Ability to extract all types of information from documents
Form Fields
Poor Image Quality
Radio Buttons
Rotated Documents
High Variance Documents

Build amazing UX in minutes and not months

Use Butler's open source solution to make document processing and review native to your app

How it works

Effortlessly label your documents

Use Butler’s easy-to-use user interface to build a comprehensive labeled data set. Forget about painful labeling exercises.

Automatic model selection

Butler automatically chooses and trains the correct ML model for your use case. No need to spend hours analyzing which models perform the best.

Customize for your use case

With a library of features to customize, Butler enables you to tune your model to your exact requirements. Stop spending time wrestling with rigid predefined models or building homegrown custom solutions.

See it in Action

Butler Document AI Demo

Enterprise ready

SOC-2 Type II Certified

Certified to follow the best in class policies on data storage, encryption, and security

99.99% Uptime

Infinite Scale

Build document extraction into your product or workflow today!